Our Services

Israeli Chartered Accountants

In constant contact with the directors of your company, the firm Dray & Dray – Chartered accountants in Israel and statutory auditors – located in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, ensures you a reliable and fast service as well as a permanent advice in the fields crucial to the success of your business.
We are directly involved in your business strategy for success and are committed to working alongside you in order to help make your structure a dynamic company adapted to the needs of your customers.
In addition to traditional accounting and statutory audit services, we offer a support and tax optimization service for companies. This support is aimed at high-tech companies in Israel, wishing to obtain subsidies from the state. We also assist companies in obtaining preferential loans guaranteed by the State of Israel.

Our typical customer profile:
  • A company looking for a chartered accountant capable of providing it with a real consultancy approach.
  • An innovative company, in creation or in strong growth in the High Tech sector in Israel.
  • An entrepreneur wishing to outsource his accounting.
  • An investor concerned with optimizing their tax strategy and financial situation.

Advice & support

Dray & Dray supports SMEs of all sizes (Companies, non-profits, Individuals) regardless of the sector of activity: service providers, marketing, medicine, IT, real estate, commerce.

Management Accounting

Accounting maintenance and review, setting up of chart of accounts, drafting of provisional accounts, cash flow management, providing administrative and accounting work on request.


Optimization of the tax strategies, Research into tax saving opportunities, consultancy for asset transactions, optimization of directors personal taxation, prevention of tax exposure.

PAYE & HR Management

Pay slips and social declarations, employment contracts, advice on social law, fulfillment of social obligations, optimization of social cover for employees.

Corporate law

Choice of legal formation: Corporations or partnerships, Incorporation, restructuring, acquisition or dissolution.

Statutory Auditors

Legal audit, audit assignments with a view to buyout or restructuring, business valuation.

Internal control

Audit committee and approval of the financial statements of non-profit associations. Verification of the administrative and financial behavior of municipal enterprises. Internal audit work in the field of salaries.


Establishment of a series of articles explaining the principles and foundations of Israeli economic life, affecting all sectors of activity.