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Welcome to the contact page of our accounting firm in Israel.

You can leave us a message, make an appointment for a video or physical consultation.

Our firm specializes in accounting and the Israeli taxationwith in-depth expertise in the benefits granted to Olim Hadashim and tax optimization.

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Contact page : Elyahou-Dray

Elyahou Dray

Founding Partner

Elyahou stands for rigor, technicality and a taste for the meticulous nature of accounting operations.
His main asset is his ease with technicalities and his broad vision of the various economic aspects.

He is in charge of production and employee management.

Contact page: Nathaniel Dray

Nathaniel Dray

Founding Partner

Nathaniel's spirit of advice, his ease in negotiating with tax authorities.
An analytical mind that has earned him the title of Major of National Excellence by the Order of Chartered Accountants in Israel. He manages customer relations, strategy and business development.

Contact page : Natanel Cohen

Natanel Cohen

Associate Partner

Natanel Cohen is also a chartered accountant. He founded Natco Consulting and specializes in international taxation.

In July 2023, he joined Dray & Dray and became a partner in Dray & Natco.

Contact page: Boruch Levenson

Boruch Levenson

Associate Partner

Boruch is a member of the accountancy boards in both Israel and the UK. His experience and added value lie in international tax optimization for individuals, companies and trusts. He also specializes in setting up complex structures involving several countries.




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