Starting a business in Israel

Starting a business in Israel: A step-by-step guide.
Are you planning to bring your entrepreneurial project to fruition in Israel? Do you already have entrepreneurial experience in France and know that the Israeli market presents its own challenges?

Dray & Natco is your ally in providing you with detailed, reliable information to light your entrepreneurial way in Israel.

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What type of company should I set up in Israel?

Starting a business in Israel means choosing between the status of Ossek Patour, Ossek Mourche or Hevra Baam.

A brief analysis between Osek Patur, Ossek Mourche and Hevra Baamto help you make the right choice when setting up your company in Israel.

At Dray & Natco, we're more than just an accounting firm. We are your dedicated ally in the success of your entrepreneurial adventure in Israel.

Our commitment is to simplify and energize your entry into the Israeli market, offering you professional assistance that goes beyond numbers and tax returns.

We understand the aspirations and challenges faced by entrepreneurs and companies wishing to establish themselves in Israel. Language problems, cultural problems, problems understanding the local system - these are just some of the challenges faced by an entrepreneur wishing to succeed in Israel.

Backed by a team of tax and accounting experts, we have in-depth knowledge of the country, its tax laws and its business environment. This enables us to offer you tailor-made support, combining local expertise, personalization and optimization.

Whether you are planning to set up a sole proprietorship (Ossek Mourché), a limited liability company (Hevra Baam), or wish to benefit from the status of Ossek Patour, the Israeli equivalent of auto-entrepreneur, Dray & Natco is at your side.

We cover all facets of business creation, from initial planning to official registration, accounting and tax management, and strategic guidance for your continued growth.

Specialized accounting firm for companies in Israel

Based on in-depth expertise of the Israeli entrepreneurial landscape, our firm is dedicated to setting up businesses in Israel.

From the inception of your idea to its realization, we're here to support you every step of the way.
We know that setting up a company is a major challenge, full of complexities and demands.

With this in mind, we offer you the services of an experienced and dedicated team, ready to support you with diligence and expertise.
It will be your compass, guiding you at every turn of your entrepreneurial adventure.

More than just guidance, our ambition is to provide you with the tools, advice and support you need to ensure the success and sustainability of your business in Israel.

Starting a business in Israel: ossek patour

Why choose Dray & Natco to set up a business in Israel?

At Dray & Natco, we understand the challenges faced by companies wishing to set up in Israel. Our team of accountants and tax experts has in-depth knowledge of the country, its tax laws and its environment.

When you work with us, you benefit from :

1. Local expertise: Our team is based in Israel and has an in-depth understanding of the local market, guaranteeing you relevant, personalized advice in line with local laws.

2. Personalized support: We support you every step of the way in setting up a business in Israel, from initial planning to the official registration of your company.

3. Tax optimization: We help you structure your business to optimize your tax situation, enabling you to maximize profits without missing out on tax benefits.


What type of business are you?

You can open a new company or transfer an existing one to our accounting firm quickly and easily.

Osek Patur

Self-employed contractor

✅ No VAT payable
❌ No VAT to recover
✅ Light administrative structure
✅ Limited management fee
❌ Limited to 100K ILS per year of sales
❌ Prohibited status for certain professions
❌ Direct liability
✅ Ability to hire staff

Osek Murshe

contractor (with VAT)

❌ VAT payable
✅ Recoverable VAT
✅ No AC limitation
❌ Direct liability
✅ Ability to hire staff

Hevra Baam (LTD Company)

Limited Company (LLC)

❌ VAT payable
✅ Recoverable VAT
✅ No AC limitation
✅ Limited liability
✅ Ability to hire staff
✅ Possibility of having associates
❌ Higher management fees
❌ More cumbersome administrative structure
✅ More attractive for tax purposes if +500K ILS sales / year

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Why choose Dray & Natco to set up a business in Israel?

In Israel, there are three main types of company, each with its own advantages and specific features.

Our business start-up services include the opening of the following structures (your choice):

1. Ossek Patour (Self-Entrepreneur): This is the Israeli equivalent of the auto-entrepreneur. This option is VAT-exempt and offers administrative simplicity for individual entrepreneurs. See more information on Ossek Patour.

2. Ossek Mourché (Sole Proprietorship): This form of sole proprietorship has no sales ceiling, but is in its own name, which means there is no moral separation between the business and the owner. See more information on Ossek Mourché.

3. Hevra Baam (LTD): Israel's equivalent of a French SAS or SARL. It offers a moral separation between the company and its owners, thus limiting their liability. See more about the Hevra Baam.

Have you made up your mind?

Starting a business in Israel, support from A to Z

Whether you want to create an Ossek Patour, an Ossek Mourché or a Hevra Baam, we're here to guide you.

Our services include :

  • Understanding your business: We discuss your business objectives and specific needs to determine the best structure for your company.
  • Registration with the authorities: We take care of all the administrative formalities involved in registering your company with the relevant authorities in Israel. This includes obtaining the necessary registration and/or tax identification numbers.
  • Speed and reliability: Our knowledge of the market enables us to register Israeli companies within a few working days.
  • Remote opening option: No need to travel. The entire process of setting up a company can be carried out remotely. Once your project has been explained to our experts, we'll send you the documentation you need to set up your company in Israel.
  • Assistance in opening your bank account in Israel: Our firm can help you choose and open your bank account in Israel. Depending on your profile, we will refer you to partner banks (with French-speaking contacts) to facilitate the process of opening a bank account in Israel. (Also available for non-Israelis).
  • Accounting and tax: Once your business has been set up, we continue to provide comprehensive accounting and tax support to ensure full compliance with Israeli regulations. Accounting and tax management are crucial to the success of your business. Our accounting and tax expertise enables us to offer you personalized support in managing your accounts. We'll take care of the preparation of tax returns, and ensure that your company is fully compliant with current tax obligations.
  • Ongoing support and advice: We don't stop at the start-up. We stay by your side to offer ongoing advice for the growth and success of your business in Israel.

Specialized accounting firm for companies in Israel

Whether you already have a clear idea of what you want to do, or you're still in the exploration stage, we're here to help you turn your plans to set up a business in Israel into reality.

Contact us today to take advantage of our personalized support services.

Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with the advice you need to succeed in your business.

At Dray & Natco, we make your success our priority.

Setting up a business in Israel in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv

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