Working over the holidays

Working on yom tov days

Working over the holidays in Israel: What are the labor laws like?

The holidays are fast approaching! Here's a quick rundown of the laws if you have to work.

Yom Tov day

The workday on Yom Tov is considered a holiday. Consequently, your employer will have to pay you a day's work at your daily rate. (Without deducting any days off).

In years when Yom Tov falls on Shabbat, your employer is not obliged to pay you for the day. Furthermore, your boss can't force you to come to work on that day, as it's considered a holiday. If, however, you decide to work on Pesach on Yom Tov, your boss will have to pay you 150% of your usual daily rate.

Working at Hol Hamoed

There is no special law concerning the days of Hol Hamoed in the labor law in Israel.

Consequently, this day is considered a normal working day. Your employer therefore has the right to ask you to come to work according to your regular schedule.

However, it is customary for most employers in Israel to reduce working hours on Hol Hamoed. They may ask you to work 7 hours a day. (Instead of 8, for example).

But then again, this is a custom! So your employer remains entitled to ask you to work according to your regular schedule.

In addition, the salary for a day's work at Hol Hamoed remains your usual salary.

If you don't come to work on Hol Hamoed, you will be deducted a day's leave (if you have any left) or a day's absence.

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Your questions - our advice

  • Can my employer force me to take a vacation during Hol Hamoed?
  • The answer is yes! An employer can force an employee to take days off. But only if the employee has enough vacation days left. If this is not the case, the employer will have to pay for the "forced" days off out of his own pocket.
  • Is the day before Yom Tov considered a normal working day?
  • The day before Yom Tov is considered Friday, the day before Shabbat.

Dray & Natco wishes you all the best for the festive season.



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