unemployment in Israel from to Covid 19

Unemployment benefits in Israel due to la Corona

Certain sectors in Israel have been hard hit by the Corona crisis, notably tourism. Several companies in Israel are having to lay off staff because of the current situation. Other companies in Israel have decided to put their employees on "unpaid leave". For the employee, this means no salary or benefits from the government under normal circumstances. Nevertheless, the Israeli government will put its hand in its pocket. In this article, you'll find the new guidelines for unemployment benefits in Israel from a la Corona for employees forced to take unpaid leave.

New in Israel - Unpaid leave entitles you to unemployment benefits

The Ministry of Labor has announced that an employee going on unpaid leave due to the Corona Virus crisis can report to the employment service and receive unemployment benefits.

Who is eligible?

The right to unemployment benefit applies to those who go on unpaid leave for 30 days or more, and is subject to the same conditions as those required to receive unemployment benefit in Israel. Important: a period of 6 months' work out of the 18 months will be required to claim unemployment, unlike the usual 12 months out of 18. See also: How do I receive unemployment benefit in Israel? It should be noted that anyone who has been put on unpaid leave will be able to start receiving unemployment benefit even if they have not used all their leave days.

How to receive your unemployment benefit in Israel due to La Corona?

Here is the order of action required to receive unemployment in Israel: To receive unemployment benefits, you must report to the Employment Service, the Lishkat Cheirut Ataassouka (לשכת שירות התעסוקה). This applies from the moment of termination. At the same time, you will need to apply for the unemployment with the Bitouah Leoumi. Please note that you can start reporting online at Employment Service website. Once you have registered on the site, you have two weeks to physically go to the employment service office. Anyone who fails to visit the office within two weeks (14 days) will lose their Internet registration and will not be able to receive unemployment benefit.

For those in isolation - quarantine

In cases where you are isolated at home and unable to travel, the Employment Service will give you instructions. You should contact the person responsible in the department concerned. Documents to enclose with your application.
  1. Certificate of period of employment and salary provided by employer (Form 1514).
  2. Agreement of the company where you are employed on the notification of unpaid leave.
    1. The employer must indicate on whose initiative the employee was placed on unpaid leave. Was it the employer who placed the employee on unpaid leave, or was it the employee who asked his employer to place him on unpaid leave?
    2. The date of departure for unpaid leave should also be indicated, as well as the period of planned leave: estimated date of return.
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