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Understanding the market and the competition helps new businesses get off to a strong start and grow successfully. Whatever its sector of activity, a new company needs to carry out a market and competitor analysis. These analyses provide the information required to draw up the business plan.
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Competitive analysis

A competitive analysis will help you avoid destructive competition with other companies for the same customer base. It will help you find an under-exploited niche that will enable you to grow during the important, and very risky, first few years. Here are the 3 key elements of your business plan:
  1. Study of the company's global environment (political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal).
  2. Analysis of the five competitive forces, according to Porter's concept :
    1. the threat of new arrivals,
    2. buyers' bargaining power,
    3. the threat of replacement products or services,
    4. suppliers' bargaining power,
    5. rivalry between companies in the same sector.
  3. Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of your company and your competitors.
With these 3 elements, you prove to potential investors that you've really studied your competitive sector, and you also prove that your estimates are based on real, concrete data.  An Israel Analysis of your business by our accounting firm, Dray & Dray, will provide you with real solutions to optimize your project and make it profitable.



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