Structured products: discover the advantages of this solution

structured products

How to invest in structured products in Israel

Investing is an important decision, and it's important to understand why and how to invest before you take the plunge.

Structured products are a good way to invest because they can offer greater flexibility and diversity to meet your investment objectives.

Protection against market fluctuations

Structured products offer investors unique advantages that can be tailored to meet their individual needs.

This may include the ability to select assets from several categories, the possibility of investing for the short or long term, and protection against market volatility.

This protection is particularly valuable in a volatile market such as we have at the moment.READ ALSO: OLE HADACH TAX BENEFITS FOR 10 YEARSStructured products: the risk diversification solution

Structured products also offer a simple and effective way to diversify your portfolio.

This can be done using stock markets, derivatives, bonds, money market products and pension products.

In addition, structured products can be designed to provide guaranteed capital and pre-established maturities at each period, to offer a higher level of predictability.

Security and transparency for all investors

Finally, the products are governed by strict regulations, creating greater security and transparency for all investors.

These products are designed by specialists and issued by issuing" banksoften European or American banks.

Investors can therefore rely on the quality and reliability of structured products, since the only "risk" of default is that the issuer of the product (the bank) may go bankrupt.

Structured products


Structured products

Watch out!

Structured products are investments in the stock market and require market knowledge and personalized support.
Our firm can recommend specialists in this field.

Discover the Advantages of Investing in Structured Products for an Ole hadash.

  • Tax exemption in Israel on income from these structured products for 10 years!
  • Tax and asset optimization through life insurance solutions.
  • Strong capacity to provide high returns, with guaranteed capital.

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In a nutshell:

Structured products are often a good option for those seeking to diversify their investments and achieve a certain level of safety and reliability. They are regulated and offer additional protection against market volatility.

What's more, they are professionally designed and transparently processed.

Structured products are therefore a an excellent solution for your investment portfolio.

Your questions - our advice

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  • How do you notify your bank to take advantage of these benefits?
  • Is it possible to invest in these products directly from an Israeli bank?
  • Does this benefit apply to products passed on as gifts between close relations?

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