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You're planning to set up, or you're already running, a business offering services to private individuals or professionals. Whatever your field of activity: IT support, business consulting, personal assistance, consultancy... Your concerns as an entrepreneur are many, and the stakes are high.

That's why our firm is trained in thesupport for the entrepreneur in Israel to ensure the success of your project, from the start-up phase and throughout the life of your company.

A dedicated chartered accountant is assigned to you, close to your day-to-day concerns and needs.

What's more, we specialize in specific areas such as tax, labor and business management.

With our proximity and expertise, we aim to support you over the long term and make our collaboration a joint success.

Our specific support for service companies in Israel

Our accounting services for service companies :

  • Bookkeeping,
  • Accounting review,
  • Preparation of annual financial statements,
  • Presentation of annual financial statements,
  • Intermediate situations.

Our tax assistance for service companies in Israel :

  • Tax returns (corporate income tax, Maam (VAT), payroll tax...),
  • Preparation of annual tax returns (set of tax documents produced by a company or its chartered accountant and submitted to the tax authorities),
  • Tax advice and optimization in Israel,
  • Determining tax regimes.

Our social support services for service companies :

  • Payroll management and social declarations,
  • Drafting employment contracts,
  • Dismissal procedures,
  • Compliance with legal requirements.

Our legal support for service companies :

  • Setting up your own company,
  • Secretariat and preparation of meetings,
  • Presentation of financial statements to the Annual General Meeting,

Our consulting services for service companies in Israel :

  • Developing your company's sales performance,
  • Drawing up the annual budget,
  • Budget monitoring and management charts,
  • Search for financing,
  • Dealing with financial difficulties,

At your side at every stage of your business life, our team, backed by its experience with service companies in Israel, which represent a large proportion of the firm's clientele, relieves you of the constraints associated with managing your business and with administrative, accounting, legal, tax and social obligations. This allows you to concentrate fully on your core business.

By working alongside you to facilitate your development in Israel, we are committed to the success of your business, helping you to make the right decisions and secure your professional and private projects.

Don't hesitate to contact our firm to arrange a free initial consultation, which will enable you to fully appreciate the skills and services of Dray & Dray. 


  • Chartered accountants specializing in service companies in Israel

Because we consider ourselves to be a service company, we have a thorough understanding of the requirements of your business. Our team has learned to understand the issues specific to these activities, and can provide concrete, immediately operational solutions. We keep a close eye on your industry, so that you're always up to date with the latest developments in Israel.

  • Close proximity, perfect knowledge of spécifités local

Dray & Dray has been present in Israel for over 20 years, with offices in all the major Israeli cities, and is a key player in the local economic fabric for French speakers in Israel. Our firm is fully integrated into local life, knowing the players and the specificities to guide you effectively.

  • A team of specialists at your service service companies in Israel

We're always available to answer any questions you may have, whether in the field of tax or social security, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible with the best answers.



Kanfei Nesharim 68. Merkaz Oranim.

Tel Aviv

31 boulevard Rothschild


Phone : 02 631 9000
Fax: 02 631 9005
Email : office@cpa-dray.com

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