Professional reintegration in Israel

Professional reintegration in Israel

Who is entitled to reintegration in Israel?

Vocational rehabilitation in Israel is designed to provide guidance and training disabled people and widows to reintegrate into society professionally on the open market through training and professional integration. In addition, certain social services are available for accident victims and victims of terrorism.

- A person who has suffered an accident at work and has been determined to be at least 10% permanently disabled, or a person who has suffered an accident recognized as an occupational disease.
- A disabled person, not as a result of an accident at work or an act of terrorism, for whom a permanent weighted medical disability rate of at least 20% has been determined, even if he or she does not receive a disability allowance from the French Social Security system. Bitouah Leoumi.
- Victims of a terrorist act for whom a disability rate of at least 20% has been determined, as well as the widow and orphans of a victim of a terrorist act who has died as a result of this terrorist act.
- A widow/widower recognized by the department for surviving spouses or the department for dependants as an industrial accident victim.

All these people are likely to be eligible for a vocational rehabilitation program in Israel, if as a result of their disability they are no longer able to work in their former job or in another job suitable for them, and have been assessed as needing and suitable for vocational rehabilitation. A widow/widower will be eligible for a vocational rehabilitation program if she/he is of working age and without a profession, or if she/he cannot support herself/himself through work, or if she/he needs vocational retraining following widowhood.

What reintegration services are available? in Israel?

- Assistance with career assessment and guidance.
- Payment of rehabilitation costs during training or studies (for disabled people who do not receive a disability allowance or who receive a partial allowance).
- Living expenses (for widows/widowers).
- Payment of study-related expenses, such as tuition, transportation, books and learning materials. All within the framework of the rules and regulations governing the number of hours of study.

The agency's rehabilitation officer, a social worker by profession, is an advisor for people eligible for rehabilitation in all matters concerning the choice of a suitable profession and reintegration into the workplace, after getting to know them individually and examining their aspirations, qualifications and disabilities.

Where necessary, the employee takes advice on reintegration from specialists in the fields of medicine, psychology and employment, as well as in other fields. The choice of profession also takes into account the needs of the job market and the investment required to acquire a trade or the necessary skills.

Study time, character and location will be determined according to medical limitations, degree of disability, aptitude and chosen profession. It is possible to study a trade in various educational and training establishments; at the end of the process a professional certificate or academic diploma will be issued. At the end of the training process, it is possible to take advantage of job placement programs. Rehabilitation services are provided in a variety of ways and include individual treatment, workshops, support groups for the rehabilitation process and community activities.

Social services assistance for and victims of acts of violence. terrorist

In addition to compensation and reintegration assistance, injured workers and victims of terrorist acts are entitled to assistance from social services in accordance with the provisions of the law and regulations:

Workers' compensation

A person with a disability rating of at least 75%, or who has difficulty walking and whose disability rating is between 65% and 74%, is entitled, under certain conditions, to receive a special personal care allowance, as well as a special assistance grant for certain one-off arrangements, to help with the acquisition of a vehicle (for people with limited mobility), the upgrading of housing conditions and the acquisition of assistive accessories.

Victims of acts of terrorism and the bereaved families of those who died in the during a terrorist act

In addition to the minimum subsistence and social income, they will receive supportive accompaniment. Social workers in the rehabilitation department offer individual and group psychological support to help cope with trauma and bereavement. Volunteers are also on hand to help families cope with a variety of problems over the years.

Application for professional reintegration

You must submit form BL/270 to the Bitouah Leoumi nearest to your home. You can download the form from the Caisse d'Assurance Nationale website and send it by post or fax, or to the agency's service box.

''You are invited to contact the reinsertion department of the branch nearest to your home to examine your rights concerning professional reintegration in Israel. For more For further information, please call 02-6463488



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