New aid: Dmei Bidoud for self-employed workers in Israel

Independent bidoud allowances in israel

Compensation for periods of isolation

The Bitouah Léoumi has decided to compensate the self-employed in Israel for the period of isolation. (Bidoud).

The period covered is from 01/07/2021 to 31/01/2022.

This new law entitles the employee to a lump-sum payment for the days of isolation included in this period.

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Important information: The application site is not yet online. An update will be made in this article when it is.

Who can receive this allowance?

Any self-employed person who is registered as a self-employed person with the Bitouah Léoumi, can a priori claim to receive this allowance.

You must also have declared your isolation on the Ministry of Health website.You can do this by clicking on the link.Bitouah Leoumi for the self-employed - Online simulation.

Is every self-employed person obliged to contribute to Bitouah Leoumi?

As we saw above, the most important criterion is to have declared one's activity as a self-employed person to the Bitouah Léoumi.

Below is an article detailing the criteria for registering with Bitouah Léoumi.What are the criteria for registering with Bitouah Léoumi?

Period during which you receive benefits

The law makes periods of isolation retroactive.

The period starts on 01/07/2021 and runs until 31/01/2022.

The conditions for receiving the allowance are :

  • Having been in contact with a corona patient.
  • Keep your child (under 16) because school is closed / Bidoud.
  • Isolation following a business trip abroad.
  • If you have had corona between 12/21/2021 and 01/31/2022, you will be entitled to compensation.

What is the amount of the indemnity? For how many days?

The allowance granted varies if :

1. You are registered as a self-employed person meeting the following criteria:

1.1 : You are vaccinated = 570 Nis / day.

1.2 : You are not holidaying = 427.50 Nis / day.

2. You are not not registered as a self-employed person meeting the following criteria:

2.1 : You are vaccinated = 285 Nis / day.

2.2 : You are not vacationing = 214 Nis / day.

How many days are you entitled to?

If you were in isolation in the period from 1.7.21 to 20.12.21 - you will be entitled to a maximum of 3 days of isolation, for each period of isolation.

In the period from 21.12.21 to 31.1.22 - you will be entitled to a maximum of 4 days of isolation, for each isolation period.

How do I apply?

The bituah leoumi is currently developing an online application form.

In principle, you can make the request directly from your personal space at Bitouah Léoumi.

We'll update this article when the Bitouah Léoumi website is up and running.

Applications may be submitted within 180 days of the end of isolation.

Good health to you all!



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