Minimum subsistence income in Israel

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Israel's minimum subsistence income is paid to every every person and every family in Israel, unable to afford to ensure a minimum subsistence income.

Who is entitled to an income in Israel?

An Israeli resident who cannot guarantee an income for subsistence is entitled to receive a minimum subsistence income in Israel. An Israeli resident whose income is less than the minimum income necessary to support himself is entitled to a supplement to his income (additional salary, unemployment benefit, alimony, etc.) in accordance with his family situation and the number of people in the family.

The allowance is paid from the month in which the request has been submitted.

Income entitlement conditions minimum subsistence

The conditions of entitlement must also be met by the spouse of the person claiming the allowance:

  • Age - anyone over the age of 20. In certain special circumstances (such as illness, pregnancy, drugs, etc.), a person over the age of 18 is also entitled to the allowance.
  • Continuity of residence - an Israeli resident for at least 24 consecutive months. This condition does not apply to: a new immigrant who has been in Israel for less than 12 months and for whom 5 years have not yet elapsed since the date of aliyah; an orphaned child; an abandoned child; a person whose spouse is an Israeli resident for at least 24 consecutive months; a person or spouse receiving an old-age or survivor's pension from the National Insurance Fund, or benefits from the Department of Workmen's Compensation and Volunteers' Rights.
  • Examination of income and vehicle - the income of the applicant and his/her spouse is below the minimum level set by law. Certain incomes are not taken into account. For a person who owns or uses a vehicle (including a motorcycle), the value of which does not exceed 41,373 shekels (in January 2020), a certain amount will be deducted from the allowance, calculated according to age, income level and vehicle value. For a person who owns a vehicle for medical purposes, even if the value of the vehicle exceeds 41,373 shekels, no amount will be deducted for the vehicle.
  • Employment Applicant Test - the applicant and his or her spouse fall into one of the following categories:
  • Unemployed
  • Low-wage employee
  • Participates in professional training

Exemptions from the job candidate examination :

  • A sick person unable to work for more than 30 continuous days.
  • Being reintegrated into the workforce.
  • A man and a woman at retirement age (see chapter on old age)
  • An independent mother or father (single-parent family) looking after a child under the age of two.
  • A married father whose children are in his sole custody, the youngest not yet 7.
  • A person caring for a sick family member (child, spouse, parent).
  • A parent of a disabled child.
  • A prisoner released after at least 6 months' continuous incarceration (for two months from the date of release).
  • A person sentenced to community service.
  • One person under full house arrest.
  • A pregnant woman (who is entitled to an allowance from the 13th week of pregnancy until the end of her pregnancy).
  • A narcotic or alcoholic.
  • A homeless man.
  • An ulpan student.
  • As part of a rehabilitation program run by the National Insurance Fund or the authority responsible for prisoner rehabilitation, or as part of a rehabilitation program supervised by a government ministry.
  • A person in distress following a disaster or sudden event.
  • A child whose one Israeli resident parent is under arrest/detention and the other is not a resident.
  • A person looking after a child or spouse under house arrest.
  • A person with a disability rate of 75%.
  • A woman in a shelter for battered women.

Minimum subsistence income beneficiary moving abroad

  • If you are receiving a minimum subsistence income, we recommend that you check your entitlement before moving abroad.
    A person who is not in Israel for a full month will not be entitled to the allowance for that month.
  • On the second or subsequent departure in the same year (January 1 to December 31) - she will not be entitled to an allowance for the month of departure and the month of return.
  • A person who has to report to the employment office but is unable to do so due to a departure abroad will not be entitled to receive the allowance.

A person who goes abroad for treatment medical care she cannot receive in Israel, or a person accompanying a family member to obtain medical care of this type, and who has received an exit permit from the Ministry of Health, will receive the allowance even for the period during which she stays abroad, but for 6 months at most.

Low-wage employee

A salaried or self-employed employee whose income from work would be less than the sums entered in the tablemay be entitled to an additional income supplementA protected plant employee is entitled to additional income if he or she works the normal working hours of the plant. An employee of a protected factory is entitled to additional income if he or she works normal factory hours.

The following are not entitled to the allowance:

  • A person in an institution where all expenses are borne by the state, the Jewish Agency, the local authority or a religious institution.
  • A soldier mobilized in the IDF, he and his wife.
  • A member of a kibbutz or cooperative moshav.
  • A student in an institution of higher education, in an institution of higher learning, in a Yeshiva, in a Torah study center and in a rabbinical training institution.

On the other hand, anyone undergoing vocational training may be entitled to an allowance, depending on the application made to the employment service, as may single parents under certain conditions.

Applying for minimum subsistence income in Israel

You must apply for the allowance at the Caisse d'Assurance Nationale branch near your home. The allowance is paid from the month in which the application is submitted. There will be no retroactive payment of the minimum subsistence income, so it's important not to wait to apply. The application form can be downloaded from the website and sent by post or fax.

Compensation in the event of death

Lump-sum compensation for the spouse and, if there is no spouse, for the child (as defined by law) of the person receiving the deceased's minimum subsistence income. January 2020 allowance - 8,915 shekels



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