Is there a minimum contribution to Bitouah Léoumi?

minimum contribution to bitouah leoumi

Minimum contribution to bitouah leoumi


  • Does a person who is not employed have to pay a minimum contribution for Bitouah Léoumi?
  • Can a married woman avoid paying this minimum contribution?
  • How many years can the Bituah Leumi go back in time?


Mandatory payment of 177 shekels / month

An Israeli citizen who is neither employed nor self-employed (Ossek Patour or Ossek Mourché) has a minimum contribution to pay to Bitouah leoumi.

The minimum contribution is updated every yearbased on the rate of inflation in Israel.

For 2020, the amount is 177 Shekels / month.

A married woman can avoid paying this contribution

A married woman whose husband is employed or self-employed in Israel does not have to contribute to Bitouah Léoumi. In fact, her contribution is already included in the monthly contributions paid by her husband.

Prescription after 7 years

Since January 1, 2017, there is a statute of limitations after 7 years. Please note that for the period prior to this date, the Bituah Leoumi can go back without time limits. Make sure you regularly check that your Bituah Leumi status is up to date. This will avoid any unpleasant surprises. See also: Bitouah Leoumi for employees in Israel See also: Bitouah Leoumi for independents in Israel



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