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The Maanak Avoda

You've often heard of Maanak Avoda. Neighbors or friends of yours earn more than 5,000 shekels thanks to it.

But what exactly is Maanak Avoda?

In this article we'll explain what Maanak Avoda is and the conditions for obtaining it.


The aim of Maanak Avoda is to offer low-income workers substantial assistance to boost their purchasing power.

In other words, it's a government subsidy designed to help low-income families cope with the cost of living in Israel.

As this aid is only granted to people who are working, it encourages them to enter the job market.

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Who is entitled to Maanak Avoda?

To qualify for this government subsidy, you must meet the following criteria (in 2017):

  1. Be over 23 years of age.
  2. Have at least one dependent child.
  3. Be employed or self-employed. (Ossek Patour or Ossek Mourché).
  4. Your average monthly salary must be between 2,080 shekels and 6,348 shekels (in other words, if you earn less than 2080 shekels, or more than 6348 shekels, you are not entitled to this assistance). Except in the case of a single-parent family.
  5. If you have at least 3 dependent children, the monthly ceiling is raised to 6,957 shekels. In the case of a single-parent family, the monthly limit is 11,566 shekels.
  6. In addition to the principal dwelling, you may not hold more than 50% in any other property. (apartment, land, store, etc.) during the tax year for which the grant is received.

Interesting case study

Question What happens if an employee has work income from an employer who is a relative, but also from an employer who is not a close relative (for example, an employee who holds more than one job in Israel)?

Answer In this case, they will be entitled to receive the subsidy only on a pro-rata basis of the income earned by the non-parent employer.

If you meet the criteria listed above, all you have to do is :Click here to find out how much it pays.Click here to find out how to apply for Maanak Avoda.



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