Leaving Israel to live abroad. What do you need to do?

Leaving Israel

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On the other hand, if you have moved your center of life abroad, you are considered a foreign resident and will therefore not have to pay tax in Israel on the income you generate abroad.

So, let's take a look at the different options available to you when you decide to leave Israel to live abroad.

So if you have left Israel and started working abroad, the law requires you to choose one of the following two tax return options:

  1. Inform the Israeli tax authorities that your life center remains in Israel.

In this case, you must submit an annual Israeli income tax report.

This report lists all the income you generate abroad; it is likely that you will have to pay income tax and social security in Israel.Read also: Giving up your social residence in Israel

  1. Inform the Israeli tax authorities that your home has moved abroad :

This notification is made by submitting an abandonment of tax residence report.

If you have completed this formality, you will normally be exempt from declaring and paying taxes in Israel on any income you generate abroad.

It should be emphasized that this tax declaration is essential, and that failure to complete it is a criminal offence.

Please note that submitting a disconnection report may also entitle you to a tax refund.

In Israel, income tax and social security contributions are deducted from the monthly salary and calculated over a full year.

Also, if you left Israel before the end of the year, you may have had to pay less income tax and social security than you actually did. It's always a good idea to check with specialists whether you are entitled to a tax refund in Israel.

So, in addition to submitting the disconnection report, you can claim the income tax and social security refund - Bitouah Leoumi.

Abandonment of tax residence report to leave Israel

We will now define what an abandonment report is and when it must be submitted.

The purpose of this document is to prove to the Israeli tax authorities that your life has moved abroad.

It's the only way to avoid reporting and paying taxes in Israel on income you generate abroad.

You are considered a foreign resident and as such you are exempt from declaring and paying taxes in Israel.

A word of clarification: only income generated abroad will be tax-exempt. If you continue to receive income in Israel (dividends, property income, capital gains...) you will have to pay tax in Israel on this income.

This report on the abandonment of tax residence in Israel is divided into three parts:

The first part is a tax report submitted for the year in which you left Israel. It must show all your income from the beginning of that year up to the date of departure.

The second part is a questionnaire income tax on cessation of residence.

Lhe third and final part of the compensation report is a legal document detailing all the facts and references needed to prove to the tax authorities that your center of life has moved abroad.

This departure report must be submitted by April 30 of the year following the year of your departure.

For example: If you left Israel in 2020, you will need to submit the report by April 30, 2021.

Finally, we'd like to mention five key points concerning the tax residence abandonment report.

Submission of a report of abandonment of residence to leave Israel in the years following the year of departure.

It is mandatory to submit the report for the year in which you went to abroad.

In addition, the law specifies that if a certain year after the year of your departureyou were in Israel 30 days or moreand the cumulative number of days of your stay this year and over the previous 2 years is 425 days or moreYou must also submit an additional disconnection report for this year.

Let's analyze this point with an example:

In 2019, you were in Israel for 300 days.

In 2020, you moved abroad in August, so you stayed for 190 days.

For the year 2020, you have submitted a disconnection report to leave Israel.

In 2021, you were in Israel for business or pleasure, and resided there for 40 days.

Do you have to submit a report by 2021?

  • 1st question In 2021, were you in Israel for 30 days or more?
    • Yes, since you've been in Israel for 40 days.
  • 2nd question: in the years 2019, 2020, 2021 were you globally in Israel for 425 days or more?
    • Yes, because during these 3 years, you spent 530 days in Israel.

Since the answer is positive in both cases, you must submit an abandonment of residence report for 2021 as well.

Submit abandonment report by April 30 of each year.

In the year following your year of departure, you are obliged to legally submit a report to avoid paying taxes in Israel on your income generated abroad.

On the other hand, the law allows the tax authorities to check whether your center of life has moved abroad even after you have returned to Israel.

As part of this audit, the tax authorities may request additional documents relating to the period in which the report was submitted and the period of return.

Minimum period of stay abroad.

For the Israeli tax authorities to determine that you have effectively terminated your residencyyou must be considered a foreign resident for one year. minimum period of a few years.

The period varies from case to case, and is generally between two and four years.

Therefore, if you have left Israel, it is important to ensure that you submit the report on time, so that the period as a foreigner starts to count as soon as possible.

Declare income generated in Israel even after the report of abandonment of tax residence in Israel has been submitted.

You are only exempt on income generated abroad.

But you must declare income generated in Israel, such as property income, dividends, interest and capital gains.

It's never too late to submit a tax residency abandonment report.

The tax authorities are connected to the Ministry of the Interior's entry/exit database.

When you return to Israel or stay for a long period, the Israeli tax authorities have this information and can therefore check your residence.

It is therefore essential to submit a tax residency abandonment report.

Even if you are abroad and have not yet sent in this report, it is advisable to submit it as soon as possible and before returning to Israel.

Our firm can represent you in this process and submit on your behalf your report of abandonment of tax residence in Israel.

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