How to set up a הרשאה לחיוב?

Harsha Lechiyuv

Many organisations and businesses in Israel use the Harsha Le'chiyuv (הרשאה לחיוב) process to collect their payments. The automations allow for smooth and efficient payments without the need for reminders or chasing.

What is Harsha Le'chiyuv?

The Harsha lechiyuv, is the Israeli equivalent of a direct debit or auto-pay. It's where the payee provides authorisation to a business or organisation to withdraw payments directly from their bank account.

So, if for example, you authorise a Harsha lechiyuv for the tax authority, they will be able to withdraw payments from your bank account automatically. This saves you the time of manually processing a bank transfer each month. And you also don't need to worry about forgetting to make payments on time.

To setup a הרשאה לחיוב you'll need to login to your bank account and follow these steps:

1 – Select on the main menu "העברות ותשלומים"

2 – Near the bottom, you'll find "פתיחה הרשאה לחיוב חשבון" - select this.

3 – Fill in the details as follows:

- קוד מוסד - this is the unique code which identifies the business or organization that your paying. Once you've put in the code, double check that the entity name is correct.

- אסמכתא/מזהה במוסד - this is usually your Teudat Zehut number (unless they've told you otherwise)

- You can then choose to limit the amount or time frame for the authorisation. (if required)

4 – Press "המשך" to continue and then "אישור" to complete.

Setting up your הרשאה לחיוב as an Osek Murshe

We recommend our customers to use the הרשאה לחיוב payment process for the payment of their Income Tax, VAT, Bituach Leumi and monthly accountancy fees. We have prepared the קוד מוסד for each organization below.

  1. Income Tax (מס הכנסה) - 2760
  2. VAT (מעמ) - 2761
  3. National Insurance Self Employed (ביטוח לאומי) - 28900
  4. Dray & Dray Accountants - 28433

Setting up your הרשאה לחיוב as a Company

  1. Income Tax (מס הכנסה) - 2760
  2. VAT (מעמ) - 2761
  3. Income Tax Deductions (מס הכנסה ניכויים) - 2762*
  4. National Insurance Employers (ביטוח לאומי מעסיקים) - 38286**
  5. Dray & Dray Accountants - 28433

* The אסמכתא should be the מספר תיק ניכויים
** The אסמכתא should be the מספר תיק ניכויים with an additional "00" on the end.

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Useful links

Login to your bank account and follow the links below to setup your הרשאה לחיוב:

  1. בנק לאומי
  2. בנק דיסקונט
  3. מזרחי טפחות
  4. מרכנתיל
  5. FIBI



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