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For several years now, the franchise sector in Israel has been growing steadily. Whether it's the Aroma franchise, Pizza Hut, Burgers Bar, Cofix, Café Café... We'll explain the different services that our firm of chartered accountants in Israel can provide.


Like many thousands of entrepreneurs in Israel, you have chosen franchising to set up your business. Being a franchisee means first and foremost running a business: managing people, monitoring results, making decisions and dealing with any difficulties that may arise.
Whether you operate in the restaurant, real estate, personal services or other sectors, you can count on the skills and proximity of Dray & Dray to support you in the day-to-day management and running of your franchise.

And if you're thinking of setting up a new business or changing network. Take advantage of the advice and solutions offered by our specialist franchise consultants. They'll help you assess the feasibility of your project, secure your choice of network and confirm your choice of location.

The services of a chartered accountant in Israel are highly recommended, given the increasingly complex and risky regulatory environment for business leaders.

The chartered accountant is a privileged advisor for the franchisee. Thanks to his or her training, he or she is a competent professional who will advise and support the franchisee on a daily basis, helping him or her to manage the business.

With the help of his staff, the chartered accountant offers a wide range of services to his clients. He also works in close partnership with bankers, lawyers and investors, for example.

When it comes to your craft business, it's worth considering the services of a chartered accountant. If you entrust your business to a chartered accountant, he or she will quickly become your privileged partner, providing advice throughout the life of your business.

Dray & Dray's chartered accountants know franchisees inside out, and can offer you specifically tailored support so that you can concentrate on your core business, which is your added value, freeing you from the often risky day-to-day running of your business.

Accounting support for franchisees

A chartered accountant's first task is to draw up your balance sheet.
Once a year, the franchise manager must produce his annual accounts to declare his sales and calculate his profit.
It's also the time to take stock of your business over the past twelve months, and to receive advice for your future projects.

Tax support for franchisees

When it comes to tax returns, your chartered accountant can provide you with the expertise you need to file your Maam (VAT) and Mas Ahnassa (income tax).
For your tax return, don't hesitate to ask your certified public accountant in Israel for advice, in his or her capacity as a trusted third party (recognized as such by the tax authorities).

Social support for franchisees

If you have employees, your chartered accountant's third task may be to prepare pay slips and social security declarations.
Your chartered accountant will also be able to guide you if you wish to hire or terminate an employee: your chartered accountant can take care of hiring declarations, and draw up employment contracts or amendments.
The company director, if registered in Ossek MourcheIf you wish, you can turn to your chartered accountant to complete the declaration that will serve as the basis for calculating your social security contributions.

Legal support for franchisees

As a franchise manager in Israel, you can work as a sole proprietor or as a company. The chartered accountant who draws up your balance sheet can advise you on the drafting of legal documents: when you set up your company, for the drafting of its articles of association, or for the annual approval of its accounts.

At your side at every stage in the life of your business, Dray & Dray - a chartered accountancy firm in Israel - relieves you of the constraints associated with running your business, and of administrative, accounting and social obligations. This allows you to devote yourself fully to your business. We are committed to the success of your business, by working alongside you to facilitate your development. We help you to make the right decisions and secure your projects in Israel, whether professional or private.


Do you run a chain or want to develop a franchise in Israel?

Our team of experts supports professionals in the world of franchising in Israel and organized commerce.

The combined skills of our members - franchise and management professionals, training experts - enable us to tackle all the issues involved in running and managing your business. We have designed tailor-made solutions to bring your network to life and optimize its performance at every level.

Turn your business into a successful franchise network

Do you manage one or more stores, restaurants, sales agencies... and want to expand your market position? Do you boast an innovative concept and recognized, replicable know-how?
Franchising in Israel could be the solution to developing your brand. While it offers many advantages, notably limiting your financial risks, its success also depends on a number of steps being taken.
Dray & Dray and its partners can help you at every stage in the creation of your network, and increase your chances of success.

Our six-step process for creating your franchise network:

1. Assessment and audit of your network's feasibility,
2. Model your customized concept,
3. Drafting of tools and procedures: franchise contract, operating manual, etc.
4. Drawing up your franchisor's forecast, calculating entry fees and royalties,
5. Proposal for a franchisee referral contract (creation, accounting, management, payroll, etc.),
6. Development of a franchisee integration program and assistance in setting up your in-house training school.

Boost your retailer's sales performance

Is competition intensifying in your Israeli market? Is your network's sales no longer growing? Any retailer can face a slowdown in business at one time or another. It's time to rethink your strategy!
Our firm can help you define and implement your sales action plan in Israel. We can help you boost the appeal of your brand and revitalize sales within your network.

Put the odds in your franchisees' favor

Passing on your know-how is a key success factor for the development of your brand. Quality training ensures that your franchisees apply your procedures correctly. It also enables you to create or reinforce cohesion with the members of your network.

We can help you professionalize your training approach and develop the skills of your franchisees:

  • Creation of your continuing education catalog,
  • Training the trainers,
  • Creation of the network's in-house training center: preparation of the application for approval, administrative and legal organization.

Leverage your franchisees' data

The availability and reliability of management information is particularly important for the management of your network in Israel. The data collected from your franchisees is an indispensable source of information, not only for checking that your methods are being properly followed and identifying malfunctions, but also for sharing information and disseminating best practices... Bringing together and consolidating information that is often disparate can quickly become a real headache.

We work with you to set up your network's reporting system and help you make the right strategic decisions:

  • Audit of your information system,
  • Definition of your network's key indicators,
  • Building your data consolidation model,
  • Set up and automate your dashboards.


  • Franchise specialists in Israel

With several years' experience gained through day-to-day support for a number of franchisees. Our team has learned to understand the specific problems faced by franchisees, and can provide concrete, immediately operational solutions.

Our firm of chartered accountants in Israel has been supporting professionals in the world of franchising and organized commerce for many years. We are backed up by experts in training, management software and business development, to provide you with a comprehensive solution for the creation and development of your franchise network in Israel.

Our firm keeps a close eye on your business sector, so that you're always up to date with the latest news in Israel.

  • Close proximity, perfect knowledge of spécifités local

Dray & Dray has been present in Israel for over 15 years, with offices in all the major Israeli cities, and is a key player in the local economic fabric for French speakers in Israel. Our firm is fully integrated into local life, knowing the players and specificities to guide you effectively.

  • Involvement of IT professionals

At the heart of your network's development, we provide day-to-day support to entrepreneurs in Israel in building high-performance information systems.

  • An operational solution for maximum efficiency

In addition to our auditing and consulting approach, we can deploy your information feedback process across your entire network, using our partners' solutions. All you have to do is update and consult your information in just a few clicks, then distribute the desired data to your franchisees.

  • A team of specialists at the service of franchisees in Israel

We're always available to answer any questions you may have, whether in the field of tax or social security, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible with the best answers.



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