Need a chartered accountant in Israel?

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Do you need a Chartered Accountant in Israel?

In constant touch with your business, Dray & Dray Chartered Accountants in Israel is located in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. We provide you with fast, reliable service and ongoing advice in all the crucial areas of your company's life. Whether you're in company (hevra baam), Osek Murshe or Osek PaturWe're here to help you with your day-to-day business in Israel.

Accounting and tax optimization in Israel.

In addition to the classic services of accounting and annual review for your company in Israel, we offer a service of support and tax optimization for shareholders and self-employed people. This service combines tailor-made tax optimization, depending on your status, with cash-flow optimization to avoid problems with the Israeli tax authorities. Our firm currently employs 20 people, all of whom are French-speaking. (Chartered accountants in Israel, bookkeepers, and accounting assistants preparing pay slips according to the Israeli model). We support you in your development and tax activities in Israel, and can also assist you in your choice of investments (real estate in Israel, financial products, high-yield investments, wealth management). What's more, our firm specializes in real estate in Israel, and can provide you with tailor-made tax optimization for your assets in Israel and around the world.

Typical Dray & Dray client profile

  • A company looking for a chartered accountant capable of providing a real approach to advice and follow-up.
  • An innovative, start-up or fast-growing high-tech company in Israel.
  • An entrepreneur wishing to outsource his accounting in Israel (Hevra Baam, Ossek Mourché, Ossek Patour).
  • Executives looking to optimize their tax and asset situation.
  • A company in Israel with liquid assets and wishing to receive investment and wealth advice.
With our proximity and expertise, we aim to support you over the long term and make our collaboration a joint success.

The need to be accompanied by a Chartered Accountant in Israel, the backbone of your success.

Your Chartered Accountant in Israel must have a thorough understanding of accounting and taxation in Israel. He or she must also be aware of the impact of your business activity from Israel to other countries. At Dray & Dray, we understand Israeli accounting and taxation. What's more, we also have a department dedicated to English-speaking audiencesIn addition, we offer you the opportunity to set up your own business in the UK, and take care of all your accounting needs. Finally, our know-how enables you to work from Israel as a company or as a self-employed person, while fully complying with the legislation in force in Israel. Compliance with transfer pricing, declaration of your income in Israel, optimization of your income earned abroad, accounting support to optimize your tax liability in Israel. Would you like a consultation or more information? Please leave us a message, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Click here



Kanfei Nesharim 68. Merkaz Oranim.

Tel Aviv

31 boulevard Rothschild


Phone : 02 631 9000
Fax: 02 631 9005
Email : office@cpa-dray.com

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Our offices in Israel

Our firm specializes in Israeli accounting and taxation, with in-depth expertise in Olim Hadashim benefits and tax optimization.

Our consultants in Tel Aviv

English speaking accountants in Israel
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