Can I accumulate paid vacations in Israel?

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Can paid vacations in Israel be carried over to subsequent years?


I've been working for a company in Israel for several years.
I would like to know if paid vacations must be taken during the current year? Or can they be carried over to subsequent years?
Are unused vacation days on December 31 lost or carried forward?
Thank you for your reply.

Our answer:

Unused vacation days may be carried over to the following year, in accordance with article 6 of the French Labour Code. vacation pay law in Israel.
However, with the employer's agreement, an employee may be authorized to accumulate unused paid leave over 2 years. Provided they have taken at least 7 days in the following year (art. 7).
For example:
Year 2015: an employee has 12 days of paid leave remaining.
He has the right to pass them on for 2016.
Year 2016: The employee must take his 12 days of vacation from 2015.
However, with the employer's agreement, he is allowed to pass on part of the remaining paid vacations for 2017.
Provided you have taken at least 7 days during 2016. (He will pass on 5 days in this case + the remaining days from 2016, the current year).
Year 2017:  He will have to take the remaining 5 days of 2015, and at least 7 days of 2016. (with his employer's agreement).
The same will apply in subsequent years.


Unless your employer agrees otherwise, your paid vacations can be carried over to the following year.
If they are not taken during the following year, they will be permanently lost.
 Employers are not obliged to allow their employees to accumulate paid leave for more than one additional year.
 Finally, we remind you that if an employee has a disagreement with his or her employer concerning paid leave, he or she can go back over a period of 3 years only.



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