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Maanak Avoda calculation

In previous articles, we've explained what Maanak Avoda is:

Maanak Avoda - What is it?

Maanak Avoda - Application and payment deadline.

We'll now take a closer look at how much you can really earn.

How is Maanak Avoda calculated?

The amount of the premium to which you are entitled depends on the level of your income.
Please note that your spouse's income is also taken into account.

Therefore, when making simulations based on the tables below, please also take your spouse's income into account.

Remember to take all your income into account:

  1. If you are an employee, then the amount to be taken into account is your GROSS salary.
  2. If you are self-employed, your annual gross taxable profit must be taken into account. Ask your accountant.
  3. If you are both employed and self-employed (Ossek Patour or Ossek Mourché), you need to take your total income into account. This means both your gross annual salary and your gross annual taxable profit.

Finally the number of children and your age will determine the amount of the premium.

Below are the bonus tables for 2020. (Amounts are monthly).

Married parents

Let's take an example:

Sarah, mother of 2, earns an average of 4,990 Nis a month (gross), and will receive a bonus of 3,960 shekels a year (330* 12 months).

Current tables for fiscal year 2020 (in Shekels).

If our same Sarah were the mother of 4 children (and not 2), she would receive a bonus of 8,640 shekels a year (720* 12 months).

Single-parent family

The Israeli government has considerably adjusted the amounts allocated to single-parent families.

A divorced woman with 3 dependent children earning 7,800 shekels a month would receive a bonus of 8,460 shekels a year.

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