Subsidy for companies with 2019 sales between 300,000 and 1,500,000 shekels

Subsidy for companies in Israel with 2019 sales between 300,000 and 1,500,000 shekels

In this article we will explain the calculation system for the Subsidy for companies in Israel with sales in 2019 between 300,000 and 1,500,000 Shekels.

The principle of this model is to multiply sales for months 3-4/2019 by 30%.

The result obtained is multiplied by the percentage of the indemnity based on the rate of decline in your sales over the period of months 3-4/2020 compared with months 3-4/2019.

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Below is a table detailing the compensation percentage according to the drop in sales (an example will follow shortly):

Percentage drop in sales                                     Percentage of subsidy

0 - 25 % 0%

25-40% 3%

41-60% 6%

61-80% 10.5%

81-100% 15%

Conditions for receiving the grant

A decrease in sales over the 3-4/2020 period compared with the 3-4/2019 period of at least 25%.
The compensation will be a one-off grant for the months 3-4/2020.


A) Measure the rate of sales decline to determine the subsidy bracket.

CA 3-4/2019: 500,000 shekels

CA 3-4/2020: 180,000 shekels

Sales down 320,000 shekels (64%).

We are therefore in the 10.5% subsidy bracket (see table above).

B) Multiply the transaction cycle amount in 3-4/2019 by the final compensation percentage

The grant will be 500,000 * 10.5% = 52,500 shekels.

In our example, if the drop in sales was 85%, the amount of the subsidy granted would have been 500,000 * 15% = 75,000 shekels.

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