Artist in Israel

Artist in Israel

If you are an artist in Israel: photographer, writer, book illustrator, film director, screenwriter, author-composer, multimedia author, translator, actor, entertainer...: a special tax and social security regime applies to you!

Because at Dray & Dray, we have a unique specialized center of expertise for all professionals affiliated to the artists' schemeWe provide you with specific support that takes into account the particularities of your profession, your constraints and often your atypical lifestyle.

Your legal, fiscal and social particularities: VAT special projects abroad, intermittent or freelance status...

Management tracking to anticipate variations in activity

The artistic professions in Israel often revolve around projects that can be spread over very short or very long periods, and cash inflows can sometimes present very chaotic configurations. To run your business smoothly, you need to anticipate the pace of your work and your cash flow.

The dashboards usually proposed to companies, based on the calendar year, don't really make sense for many artists. That's why we've developed an analysis methodology specific to your business, enabling you to structure your financial management tools to suit your approach.

Financing your projects

Culture and artistic creation benefit from specific financing provisions through patronage or the structuring ofassociations in Israel From small individual projects to the legal and financial set-up of a touring show, our firm, organized into a specialized division, can help you bring your dreams to fruition.

Protecting your creations

Your creativity is your business. Protect it! Our firm, through its links with specialist law firms, will guide you through the process of securing your works and the financial valuation of your intangible assets.

From one show to another, from filming a scene in the Golan Heights to covering a shoot abroad, you're constantly on the move. In addition to the cultural diversity you encounter, each country has its own legislation, which you need to master to ensure that you can always do your job as you do it in Israel.



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