Appealing the decisions of Bitouah Léoumi

Appealing the decisions of Bitouah Léoumi

Applications Commission - reconsideration of applications rejected by the Bitouah Léoumi

If the Bitouah Léoumi has rejected your request,
you are entitled to contact the Commission des
complaints from the Caisse d'Assurance Nationale and the
and appeal the decisions of the Bitouah Léoumi.

If the Bitouah Léoumi has rejected your application for an allowance, you may request that the decision concerning them be reconsidered by a regional claims commission whose members are civil servants appointed by the Bituah Leumi Council. The commission's decision is a recommendation to the claims officer for reconsideration.

Therefore, you must fill in the form for appealing Bitouah Leoumi decisions to the Claims Commission (BL/910), which can be downloaded from the National Insurance Fund website, and hand it in to the branch nearest to your home, or send it to: the Legal-Allowance Branch, National Insurance Fund, 13 Weizmann Avenue, Jerusalem 91909.

6 months at the latest from receipt of the decision of the claims officer. An appeal to the Claims Commission does not extend the statutory deadline for lodging a claim with the Labour Court, which must be submitted within 12 months of receipt of the claims officer's decision.

Regional labor courts
Appeals to the Labor Court must be submitted within 12 months of the date of the Bitouah Leoumi's decision.
City Address Telephone
Jerusalem 20 Beit Hadfous Street
Tel Aviv 25 rue Shoken
Haifa 12 Palyam Street, Palace of Justice
Nazareth Ilit Kiryat Itshak Rabin, Palace of Justice
Beer Sheva 5 Hatikva Street, Palace of Justice

The decision of the Regional Court may be appealed to the National Court in Jerusalem:
The National Appeals Tribunal
Jerusalem 20 Keren Hayesod Street 077-2703333

Legal assistance

If you have decided to appeal the decision of the Bitouah Leoumi to the Labour Court as mentioned, you are entitled to request free legal assistance from the legal aid office of the Ministry of Justice. You must submit your request on a special form to the legal aid office in the area where you live.

Legal aid offices
Region Address Call center
Jerusalem* 1 Hasoreg Street, Beit Mitspe
Tel Aviv and Center 4 Henriette Szold Street
Haifa and North 15a av. Palyam, Kyriat Hamemchala
Beer Sheva 4 Keren Hayesod Street, Beit Karaso
Nazareth Ilit Rue Taoufik Zaid, Bâtiment Wapa Center, 5th floor
*Residents of Ashkelon, Kiryat Gat, Ashdod and Jerusalem are served by the Jerusalem office.



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