Alimony in Israel

Alimony in Israel

Alimony in Israel

We're continuing our series of articles on rights with the Bituah Leoumi. In this article, we will discuss the alimony in Israel.

In Israel, alimony is intended to help the wife and children. the child, Israeli residents, having in their possession a court decision indicating a verdict of pension payment, and not receiving payment from the person required to pay the pension.

The amount of the pension payment is the amount determined by the verdict or the amount set in the National Insurance Fund regulations - whichever is lower. The National Insurance Fund discharges to the person entitled to a monthly payment, and the Levy and Enforcement Authority undertakes the <seizure proceedings against the person liable for enforcement of the verdict in full. If the Authority succeeds in levying from the person liable the full amount of the alimony set by the verdict, and the sum is greater than the alimony that the National Insurance Fund pays, the entitled persons will receive the difference. ''In order to verify the amount of alimony you returning, see the "alimony" calculator " on the Caisse d'Assurance Nationale website.

Who is entitled to alimony?

- A woman living in Israel can receive alimony under certain conditions:
  1. It must be Israeli resident.
  2. She must have a verdict of alimony in her possession.
  3. It does not undertake any procedure for its realization - Otsaa Lapoal.
  4. She does not reside with the person liable for maintenance.
  5. The person liable for alimony must be an Israeli resident at the time of the verdict or within 24 of the 48 months preceding the verdict.
- A child whose child support verdict was in his favor and who is not in his mother's custody.

Pension entitlement conditions.

- A woman - if she has custody of at least one child; or if she is married and unable to support herself (even if she does not have custody of the child) or if she is 60 years of age or older (and does not have custody of a child). - A child up to the age of 18, or who is unable to support himself or herself, and is not in the mother's care and does not reside with her - if the main part of his or her care is not paid by the state or local authority. - Income test - meets the income test as laid down by law. - The person receiving alimony from abroad will continue to receive the allowance when residing abroad, and only if they have moved abroad. 3 times throughout more during the same year (January 1 to December 31) and for a maximum of 72 days. These restrictions do not apply to travel for medical purposes.

Request for alimony in Israel.

You must submit the application form for an allowance under the Alimony Act (BL/5400) to the branch of the National Insurance Fund near your home. You can download the form from the Caisse d'Assurance Nationale website and send it by post or fax to your nearest Caisse d'Assurance Nationale branch. To download the form, click here. You must attach a few additional documents to the form:
  1. the original court verdict,
  2. the certificate from the execution office stating that the woman has no record with them,
  3. last 3 pay slips,
  4. bank statement for the last 3 months,
  5. a certificate from the bank stating that the bank account is in the wife's name only.
For further information, we recommend that you contact your nearest Bituah Leumi center.



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