10 incredible advantages of structured products in Israel

Structured products in Israel

A host of attractive benefits

Structured products in Israel are a very popular form of investment among investors. They are generally designed to offer investors protection against market volatility, while giving them access to the gains and diversification of equity and bond investments.

Although structured products are often considered riskier, they can offer a host of interesting advantages. Here are the top 10 advantages of structured products in Israel.

1) Protection against market volatility

Structured products in Israel offer investors an attractive protection against market volatility. Thanks to the product's structure, investors can enjoy a stable, predictable return, regardless of market movements.

2) Wide range of assets

Structured products offer exposure to a specific wide range of assets.

Investors can access assets such as equities, bonds, commodities, derivatives and even crypto-currencies.

3) Safety

Structured products are generally issued by reputable financial institutions, which means that guarantees safety and superior investment quality.

These products are designed by specialists and issued by issuing" banksoften European or American banks.

4) Exemption for Olim Hadashim

Returns on structured products are exempt for Olim Hadashim as explained in the following article.READ ALSO: STRUCTURED PRODUCTS: DISCOVER THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS SOLUTION

5) More conservative position

Structured products can offer protection against fundamental market risk.

Investors can benefit from a more conservative stance while maintaining long-term exposure.

Watch out!

Structured products are investments in the stock market and require market knowledge and personalized support.
Our firm can recommend specialists in this field.

6) Portfolio diversification

Structured products offer portfolio diversification.

Investors can spread their investment over a wide range of assets, thereby reducing overall risk.

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7) Easy to understand

Structured products are generally easy to buy and use.

The products are easy to understand and are generally issued by well-known financial institutions.

8) High yields

Structured products have the potential to generate high returns over long periods.

9) Rapid capital growth.

Structured products can offer high returns over short periods. This can be a very interesting way torapidly increase capital.

10) Tailored to your objectives

Finally, structured products can be easily adapted to meet specific investor needs and objectives.

In a nutshell:

Structured products in Israel are a very popular investment vehicle for investors. investors.

Thanks to their protection against market volatilityThanks to their exposure to a wide range of assets and their superior quality, structured products offer a a host of attractive benefits.

Investors can benefit from a more conservative stancea portfolio diversification, a high yield potential and more great flexibility to meet their investment objectives.

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