Dray & Natco: leading accounting firm for Anglo-Israelis

The accounting firm Dray & Natco is the leading firm for French-Israeli accountants, tax consultants and tax optimization in Israel, helping you to set up your own business.

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Dray & Natco is recognized as Israel's leading accounting, consulting and tax optimization firm, offering invaluable support to Franco-Israelis.
We're here to help you set up your business, manage your accounts and optimize your tax situation in Israel.

We offer our customers effective solutions that combine in-depth tax and accounting expertise with specific economic and financial knowledge. This enables us to respond appropriately to the strategic challenges faced by companies, start-ups and individuals.

DRAY & Natco Consulting combines the expertise and resources of a major tax and accounting firm with the flexibility and proximity that our customers value. We make your issues and challenges our own, and that's how our firm has built up a reputation for reliability over many years. We cater for individuals and companies wishing to set up business in Israel. With our triple expertise (Israeli, French-speaking and English-speaking), we can help with all aspects of setting up in Israel and assisting new immigrants.


Contact page : Elyahou-Dray

Elyahou Dray

Founding Partner

Elyahou stands for rigor, technicality and a taste for the meticulous nature of accounting operations.
His main asset is his ease with technicalities and his broad vision of the various economic aspects.

He is in charge of production and employee management.

Contact page: Nathaniel Dray

Nathaniel Dray

Founding Partner

Nathaniel's spirit of advice, his ease in negotiating with tax authorities.
An analytical mind that has earned him the title of Major of National Excellence by the Order of Chartered Accountants in Israel. He manages customer relations, strategy and business development.

Contact page : Natanel Cohen

Natanel Cohen

Associate Partner

Natanel Cohen is also a chartered accountant. He founded Natco Consulting and specializes in international taxation.

In July 2023, he joined Dray & Dray and became a partner in Dray & Natco.

Contact page: Boruch Levenson

Boruch Levenson

Associate Partner

Boruch is a member of the accountancy boards in both Israel and the UK. His experience and added value lie in international tax optimization for individuals, companies and trusts. He also specializes in setting up complex structures involving several countries.



Dray & Natco - history

The accounting firm founded by Elyaou Dray and Nathaniel Dray was originally known as Dray & Dray.

In 2019, Boruch Levenson joined the team to create the English-speaking department, strengthening the firm's international capabilities.
But the expansion didn't stop there.

In July 2023, Natanel Cohen, founder of Natco Consulting, decided to join Dray & Dray, leading to the merger of the two entities to form "Dray & Natco".

This merger combined the strengths and complementary expertise of the founding members, creating a unique synergy within the firm.

By combining the skills and resources of its founding members, Dray & Natco now offers its customers a comprehensive, high-quality service. Whether it's setting up a new business, accounting management or tax optimization in Israel, the firm is there to support its clients every step of the way.

Accounting firm Dray & Natco

No. 1 accounting firm in Israel

Dray & Natco is ranked as the "best accounting firm in Israel" by the Israeli Institute of Social Security.
In fact, a quarterly ranking is published for each firm in Israel. Since April 2023, Dray & Natco has been ranked number one among Israeli accounting firms.
This recognition testifies to our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver high-quality services to our customers.


A service to suit every profile:


Starting a business in Israel

Starting a business in Israel requires a thorough understanding of how to choose the right structure. Get expert advice to help you get off on the right foot.


in Israel

Every business needs rigorous accounting. Trust our specialists to guide you through the Israeli accounting landscape.


Accounting expertise
in Israel

With Israel's changing accounting standards, our experts are here to make sure your business remains compliant and optimized.



Being an employee
in Israel

Understanding the tax landscape and employee rights in Israel is essential. We're here to light your way as an employee.


Declaration of
assets in Israel

Declaring your assets can be a complex process. Make sure you fill in your declaration correctly with our expert advice.



New immigrants to Israel benefit from a number of tax advantages. We're here to ease your transition and optimize your situation.


in Israel

Declaring your retirement in Israel is special. Make the most of your golden years with peace of mind, and opt for the best declaration system.


Bank loans
in Israel

Take advantage of our expertise to obtain the best terms, whether for new loans or for the renegotiation of your existing loans.


Salary tax simulator in Israel

Real estate

Short-term rental income
in Israel

Short-term rental in Israel is a business activity in its own right for tax purposes. So you need to choose the best tax regime for your "short term" income.


Long-term rental income
in Israel

Optimize your rental taxation in Israel and compare the different solutions you can use. Rent on an actual basis or opt for the 10% flat rate.


Israeli purchase tax calculator

General Taxation

General Taxation

Optimizing your personal situation as a new immigrant. Planning your 10-year aliyah and preparing for the end of the exemption period.


General Taxation

When business crosses borders, taxation becomes even more complex. Find out how to manage your tax obligations on a global scale.


Israeli income tax calculator

Whether you're a professional or an individual, we'll help you optimize your tax situation in Israel, France and the UK.

View all tax calculators


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